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Car tires and tire sizes by Models

So many brands and types - the range of tires is more diverse than ever before. But which ones are the right ones? Which tires are best for your vehicle depends on factors such as vehicle type, driving style, and vehicle use.

Whether you should rely on seasonal use of summer and winter tires or whether you can get by with all-season tires depends very much on your driving behavior, the driving environment, and last but not least on the distances to be covered. Here you can find detailed information about the right tires for every season.

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Choosing the best tires for a sportscar

If you are one of the more sporty drivers, you need tires with a particularly high grip (static friction). This type of tire is characterized by particularly good performance on dry and wet roads, thanks to which they react quickly to every driving maneuver and offer maximum stability in corners.

Best tires for your driving conditions

Driving in the city

Urban traffic is characterized by frequent braking and starting. This driving style not only puts a strain on the tires but can also cause increased fuel consumption and higher carbon dioxide emissions. 

If you mainly drive in urban areas, you should rely on tires with low rolling resistance. With such tires, fuel consumption can be significantly reduced. In addition, you should make sure that your new tires are very durable and have a short braking distance so that you can come to a quick stop in city traffic in tricky situations with other road users.

Driving on highways

You are definitely faster here than in city traffic. Therefore, if you drive a lot on highways, you need high-performance tires that guarantee your safety in all weather conditions. In addition, your driving comfort can be increased over long distances by choosing the right tires by avoiding unnecessary noise, vibrations, etc.

Driving off-road

Off-road vehicles require 4×4 tires that are less sensitive to shock and offer excellent performance and traction both on and off-road. If you mainly drive your 4x4 on roads, it is best to choose a tire that guarantees you a high level of driving comfort on the road but is also suitable for off-road conditions.

How to find out the best tires for your car

You can easily look up the permissible tire size in your vehicle registration document. There you will find exactly one permissible tire size for your car. Nevertheless, several tire dimensions are permitted in many cases.

How to determine the tire size - it's very easy

The easiest way to find out the right tire size? Our recommendation: Just take a look at the side, the flank, of your tire. You can find the tire label here. This is a code made up of numbers and letters. Its four building blocks provide you with all the important information about the tire size. For example, the code on your tire might look like this: 245 / 45 R16 91V*

Expert tip:

In some cars, the tire size is indicated on the pillar of the driver's door.

And what exactly do the numbers and letters stand for now? You can use the tire size chart to decipher the code. It tells you at a glance where you can find information on tire width, rim diameter, and more.

  • Tire width in mm
  • Height and width ratio in %
  • Type of tire (radial or diagonal)
  • Rim diameter in inches
  • Load index
  • Speed index

1. The tire width

The first three numbers describe the tire width in millimeters. It is measured from the inner to the outer wall of the tire.

2. The profile cross-section

The second number after the slash is a percentage. It stands for the ratio of the tire height to the tire width. In this example, this means: The height of the tire sidewall is 45% of the tire width of 245 mm.

3. The type of tire

The letter contained in the code indicates the type of tire*. 'R' in this case stands for radial tires. Alternatively, 'D' for bias tires could also be listed here.

There are 2 types of tires - radial and diagonal. This directional indication tells how the carcass threads (rubberized layers of fabric) are arranged under the tread of the tire. As a rule, only radial tires are produced today.

4. The rim

A number follows immediately after the tire type letter. It indicates the tire or rim diameter in inches.

5. The load capacity and speed index

The last combination of numbers and letters in the code stands for the maximum load capacity of the tire and the maximum permissible speed. The number indicates the maximum loadable weight per tire according to the load index. The letter indicates the maximum speed.

The maximum speed index indicates the maximum permissible speed of the tire. In addition, the index also says something about driving comfort, wear, traction, and cornering stability.

As an example: tires with a higher index value offer very good grip and high braking performance. On the other hand, their wear is higher and they are less suitable for driving in cold climate zones.

But does it always have to be the recommended standard tires for the car? With bigger tires, it can definitely be a bit more sporty. So why not choose other tire sizes for your car?

You do not necessarily have to choose the tire size recommended for you. You can find alternative tire dimensions for your car online where all tire and rim combinations permitted by the vehicle manufacturer are listed. Alternatively, you can also request this information directly from the car manufacturer. 


Which tire brand is the best in 2021?

In our opinion, the best tire brand at the moment is clearly Bridgestone. It is also the undisputed largest tire manufacturer in the world. Also belonging to the group is the tire brand Firestone and a few others.

Which is better, Michelin or Continental?

Michelin delivers well with two profiles. The Continental PremiumContact 6 proves its outstanding wet performance in the size 225/40 R18 in the consumer tests. Michelin delivers well with two profiles. It is well known in the industry that Continental often sets the benchmark in safety-related tests.

Who is the largest tire manufacturer in the world?

The tire manufacturer with the highest annual turnover in 2021 was Michelin (almost 20.06 billion dollars).