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Most like us arrive to order and wheel enthusiasts collect on every nickel and dime to put the best wheels in the car. That's what we do, too. We are confident that if the outfit is created with the perfect wheel, the uniqueness of the auto will be maintained. If a person wants to create an addition to themselves, they cost a car.

The Right Fit.

Everyone probably knows what a challenge it is to find the right fit for the wheel. For that reason, we created our website to accomplish this seemingly difficult task without hesitation. You can easily choose the right wheels, rims or tell us to find the perfect selection of tires and wheels.

Our backbone and stewardship are car enthusiasts. Our mission is to give people the simplest method of selecting wheels and rims for our customers.

Finding the elements that make up a car and that it works well with, and more specifically, the wheels that would be perfect for your car is a joy to build a car, and sometimes even horror. 

It may seem simple to many people. However, that is not quite the case. We understood right away what a daunting ordeal it is to find the perfect car wheel offset. You can spend a long time visiting forums hoping to find a solution, but chances are once you're done you'll have a lot more questions than you had. There are a large number of questions. For example, hub bore, offset, dimensions, bolt pattern, spacing, brake clearance, diameter, and many others. Even if you've already found the component you think fits, how do you know how it would sit and work in your car? Everyone has a problem at this point.

It didn't take us long to realize how difficult it is to find the right wheel offset data. After reading a bunch of forums and pages of technical descriptions, we understood the science of measuring misalignment and wheel spacing.

Thanks to our database, you can search and figure out exactly what wheel offset data you need in a reasonably short time.

Our team is passionate leaders in customer cars and trucks; we simply live cars. It will never grow into a JOB. We always strive to inspire each other and relish inspirational lives and mentor others with our skills!