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Best tires for Toyota Prius 2016

As we know, nothing lasts forever. That is why even if you already have amazing aftermarket wheels on the 2016 Toyota Prius, it doesn't mean they will serve forever. In case it is time for the tire replacement, there are various options for a car driver: all-season, touring, highway, all-terrain and many more types. Which set is the best for the 2016 Toyota Prius and what things to consider while picking out? We are here to help you.

Every car owner knows that there is a tremendous amount of tires and brands depending on your needs. Before purchase you have to pay attention to such aspects as tires longevity, efficiency, their price and some more aspects. One of the most important things to know is your 2016 Toyota Prius`s tires size.

Of course, the manufacturer created this model with particular tires parameters that is why you should choose the identical ones for replacement.

In case you buy smaller or bigger tires, be sure they would fit the exact car model. Most of manufacturers use a standard size of tires. But there is a broad range of the aftermarket tires matching your vehicles. Such tires not only make your 2016 Toyota Prius more unique, but also change its look significantly.

You may find the size of your current tires on their side. There will be numbers and figures like 205/55R16 that indicate the tires width, aspect ratio and its diameter in inches. Also, you can find this information in the manufacturer manual or on official company website. There must be not only the size of the 2016 Toyota Prius tire, but also its warranty, maximal load capacity, weight, treadwear and some more specifications.

To conclude, when picking the best tires for the 2016 Toyota Prius, a driver must keep in mind the driving conditions (climate), types of the roads, driving style and the available budget. After looking through all pros and cons you can look for the better variant in different sources. It takes a lot of time, so be ready for it! Or, perhaps, you may relax and visit our company`s website. The car experts prepared loads of helpful information concerning exact Prius tire options.

Our team examined each tire variant in the following list carefully, so that the details provided will be valuable and relevant. This impressive and vast tire guide was arranged after continuous consultations with credible technicians and merchandisers. We hope that this guide will help you in selecting the best tires for your respective 2016 Toyota Prius that would meet all your needs.

215/45 R17

Grand Touring All-Season

Studless Ice & Snow

Ultra High Performance All-Season

Standard Touring All-Season

Studdable Winter / Snow

High Performance All-Season

Passenger All-Season

Max Performance Summer

Ultra High Performance Summer

Extreme Performance Summer

Grand Touring Summer

no available products.

Performance Winter / Snow

195/65 R15

Grand Touring All-Season

no available products.

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