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2017 Ford F-150 Wheel Offset Chart

What offset are original 2017 Ford F-150 wheels? Some measurements highly depend on a car model and also its efficacy. Wheel offset is but a part of those. There are three types of wheel offset: positive, zero, and also negative. The stock offset of a 2017 Ford F-150 mainly falls into the positive group. A positive wheel offset solely suggests that the center positioning top layer is nearer to the centerline of the wheel. As such, the wheels poke out significantly less than they would definitely with a zero or negative offset. This supplies the car a extended hostile build. The negative offset resemble the opposite, together with zero stays in between.

Can I have a customized 2017 Ford F-150 wheel offset? A number of practical custom-made offsets are easily available for the 2017 Ford F-150. You can cut down the offset by purchasing a spacer, which pushes the wheel outside even further from the center. This is suitable if you yearn for your auto to have a better "stance" appeal. If you're considering to obtain a little bit a lot more effectiveness out of your vehicle, you can as well choose a negative offset. This will definitely get the wheels closer to the middle of the auto, which can maintain greater driving experience. You can most likely similarly replace the stock wheels offset in 2017 Ford F-150 by adjusting the thickness of the tires. A broader wheel will probably have a further positive offset, while a narrower wheel is going to have a extra negative offset.

What's the optimal offset for my 2017 Ford F-150? It in actuality depends on your peculiar wishes and futhermore what you think to purpose your vehicle for. And even also on what your vehicle can take care of from the creator's way of looking. You can make it much simpler by using our handy wheel offset chart to discover the superior selection for your 2017 Ford F-150 Consider, that the faulty offset might actually imply basic safety including running concerns.

Ford F-150 bolt pattern

Ford F-150 Wheel Offset

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Stock wheel offset -44 to 44 mm
Try Wheel Spacers
F-150 Bolt Pattern PCD 6x135
See Adapters
Center bore (hub bore) 87.1 mm
Use Hub Centric Rings
Thread Diameter M14 x 1.5
Lug Nuts
Stock Rim Sizes Range 17x7.5 – 24x12.0

2017 Ford F-150 specs

Lug pattern PCD 6x135
Tire size 245/70 R17 - 285/35 R24
Custom Offset