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Aston Martin Rapide S vehicles

Aston Martin Rapide S is a rear-drive coupe of G2 class. The model was introduced to the world at the premiere on January 2013. 

Rapide S, in fact, is not a simple modification of the “original” Rapide, which made its debut in 2009. It is his direct heir, of course, an upgraded one both externally and technically. In the first case we are talking about a modified radiator grille similar to the new V12 Zagato and the rear spoiler. Coupe also got pads on the side mirrors. What is more, a package of improvements, called Carbon Exterior Pack, became available.

There are innovations in the interior, as well. For example, a black and red scheme with laminated finish inserts, and the rear seats can be folded, increasing the luggage compartment to 198 gallons. 

And, of course, Aston Martin engineers have modified the chassis of the Rapid S. The vehicle now has an adaptive suspension, stiffer than before, and with three modes - Normal, Sport and Track. Electronics automatically changes the settings depending on road conditions, tracking them for a variety of parameters, including the position of the accelerator and brake pedals, steering wheel rotation and speed. 

Driving force of Aston Martin Rapide S is provided by a 6.0-liter engine with a V-shaped arrangement of twelve cylinders. Talking about 0-60 times, Rapid S accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds, which is almost half a second faster than its predecessor, and its maximum speed is 192 miles per hour. Should you believe the manufacturer, Aston Martin Rapide S consumes less fuel and is less harmful to the environment.


Aston Martin Rapide S

Photo  Aston Martin Rapide S
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Aston Martin Rapide S specs

0-60 times
Curb weight
Wheel Drive
Wheel Offset 50 mm
Lug Nut Size M14 x 2.00
Leg Room
Seat Capacity
Custom cars 0 projects
Safety Rating