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Volkswagen Touareg vehicles


It's a new flagship for the VW, and also one of the most intelligent and technologically advanced production cars to come out of Wolfsburg. It is now in its third-generation. Even though the Volkswagen’s big SUV sacrificed its off roadyness, it became a more premium, hi-tech SUV for the road.

If there ever was a heavyweight battle, the Volkswagen incredibly stylized its answer to the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes GLE and BMW X5.

The Touareg is built on the incredibly flexible ‘MLB Evo’ part matrix and uses the same architecture as the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus. This implies there is an aluminum suspension, a body that is mostly aluminum, and a lot of other weight saving in the powertrain, cooling, exhaust, electrics, seats, whatever.

Powerful and svelte lines add an air of sophistication and modernity as well as sharpening the Touaregs looks. The car has increased its size to 106kg thanks to the new platform-sharing. If you compare it with the previous vehicle its 44mm wider and 77mm linger but lower than its second generation brother, this helps out its proportions and make it a bit easier on the eye. More boot space up113 litres to 810 in total with the rear seats in place is another advantage.  You’d probably fit the side of a medium-sized elephant back there, so you can lob pretty much all you can think off at the back.


0-60 and Engine specs

Even though the all-new Volkswagen Touareg’s full UK engine line-up hasn’t been disclosed, we know that it will launch with a pair of V6 diesel (228bhp or 282bhp) motors. A V6 petrol engine, as well as a pokier V8 diesel and a fuel-saving hybrid, are later on expected.

We got a refined and robust feeling from the one V6 diesel we tried (the faster 282bhp car). If you are a regular commuter on the derestricted German autobahn, you can hit 146mph on the way to work since the 0-60mph dash takes just 6.1 seconds. The vehicle is pretty quiet even during the upper reaches of the rev band.

UK buyers will be able to choose any of the two V6 diesel engines at launch, and the return will be 40mpg. This unit will have a CO3 emission of around 180-185g/km, a standard road tax rate of £450 per year will apply because every version costs more than £40k. A later due hybrid version will reduce this by just £10, but – you should have regular access to a plug or charge point – fuel economy should improve significantly.


Exterior and Interior

This car is appropriately premium and a massive improvement from the old car which felt like a jacked-up Golf from the inside.

This is thanks to a ‘fully digitized Innovision Cockpit,’ or as you and I would call it, two large screens fixed together to look like one enormous one. It was costly and time-consuming to program; getting it right delayed the car’s launch. The tidy lines go well with the minimalism and notable absence of buttons.

The car features a WiFi hotspot that allows up to eight devices to be connected at one time as well as being compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It has a massively improved cabin ambience, and the double-glazing option especially puts the outside world on mute. Below the cabin’s waistline, however, have some slightly plasticky materials, mostly to pay for all the electronics and the two giant glass slabs.

The car hosts a variety of tech including: ‘Night Vision’ to detect and hopefully avoid humans and animals in the dark via a thermal imaging camera, LED matrix headlights, Roadwork Lane Assist (that steers, brakes and accelerates for you u to 37mph), a hyperactive pedestrian presence, 360 cameras,  trailer assist, park assist, and head-up display.



Even though the Volkswagen Touareg comes at a high price, it offers good looks. It is an agreeable road-trip companion due to refined ride quality, well-damped suspension, and quiet cabin. The spec sheet welcomes additions like standard adaptive cruise control and automated emergency braking, but the infotainment unit is miserably outdated – Volkswagen does not give a USB port even for $50, 000. The Jeep Grand, which costs less and offers more, and other Touareg’s rivals easily outclass it 

Volkswagen Touareg

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Volkswagen Touareg specs

Best Tires
Wheel Offset 45 - 60 mm
Lug Nut Size M14 x 1.5
Hub Bore Size 71.3 mm
0-60 times
Wheel Drive
Leg Room
Seat Capacity
Custom cars 13 projects
Safety Rating
Tire size