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2009 Honda Accord Wheel Offset Chart

What offset are stock 2009 Honda Accord wheels? Some lists of specifications quite closely hinge on a auto model and as a consequence its expected performance. Wheel offset is just one of them. There are 3 kinds of wheel offset: positive, zero, and also negative. The stock offset of a 2009 Honda Accord nearly always comes under the positive range. A positive wheel offset merely suggests that the center positioning surface is closer to the centerline of the wheel. Therefore, the wheels poke out significantly less than they might probably with a zero or negative offset. This gives the truck a many more aggressive expression. The negative offset appear to be the reverse, plus zero is a comfortable in between.

Can I use a custom-made 2009 Honda Accord wheel offset? Any good customized offsets are readily obtainable for the 2009 Honda Accord. You can cut down the offset by setting a spacer, which drives the wheel outward farther from the center. This is optimal if you would like your pickup to have a more "wide" manner. If you're seeking to add a little improved quality out of your truck, you can always choose a negative offset. This are going to put the wheels closer to the middle of the auto, which can sustain enhanced control. You may potentially upgrade the stock wheels offset in 2009 Honda Accord by improving the size of your tires. A bigger wheel is going to have a extra positive offset, while a narrower wheel can have a much more negative offset.

What's the ideal offset for my 2009 Honda Accord? It fully depends on your particular interest and as a consequence what you mind to use your vehicle for. Together with additionally on what your automobile can execute from the designer's view. You can make things easier by making use of our precise wheel offset chart to search for optimal pick for your 2009 Honda Accord Beware, that the askew offset will bring on basic safety as well as functionality complications.

Honda Accord bolt pattern

Honda Accord Wheel Offset

Shop for Tires at Tire Rack.
Stock wheel offset 38 to 55 mm
Try Wheel Spacers
Accord Bolt Pattern PCD 5x114.3
See Adapters
Custom Offset Range 38 to 52 mm
Center bore (hub bore) 64.1 mm
Use Hub Centric Rings
Thread Diameter M12 x 1.5
Lug Nuts
Stock Rim Sizes Range 16x6.5 – 20x9.5
Custom rim sizes range 17x8.0 – 20x8.5
Custom Wheels

2009 Honda Accord Custom Wheel Offsets

Rim size Offset
20x8.5 38-52
18x8.0 40-40
19x8.0 48-48
20x8.5 / 20x9.5 -

2009 Honda Accord specs

Lug pattern PCD 5x114.3
Tire size 215/60 R16 - 245/30 R20
Custom Offset - 52 mm