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Acura ILX vehicles

Acura ILX is a front-wheel drive sedan, based at the American version of the Honda Civic. It is the first model with hybrid version in the motor scale. Acura ILX made its debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2012. 

Despite the fact that the Acura ILX is an essentially modified version of Honda Civic, it has many differences from its parent car. In terms of dimensions ILX is longer and wider. Besides, it is 0.39” lower (56.1”) but wheelbase remains the same – 105.1”. Dimensions were changed as designers tried to spice Acura sedan with the American character resulting into muscularity, aggression and massiveness. 

ILX chassis compared to Civic remained virtually untouched. Here is the same independent front suspension with McPherson struts and rear multi-link design. Disc brakes are installed in all four wheels. 

Like many other Acura models, ILX is well equipped, even in the basic version. In motor scheme Acura ILX present three aspirated petrol power units with a proprietary technology control valve i-VTEC. The production of Acura ILX is organized at the factory of Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC, located in Greensburg.


2022 Acura ILX

Photo 2022 Acura ILX
MSRP $26,500 Fuel Tank 13.2 gal Wheelbase 105.1 ”
MPG 24 city/34 hwy 0-60 mph 6.6 sec Clearance 4.40”
Engine 2.4L I-4 Curb 3095 lbs
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Acura ILX specs

0-60 times 6.6 sec
Curb weight 3095 - 3148
MPG 24/34
Wheel Drive 933
Wheel Offset
Lug Nut Size M12 x 1.5
Leg Room 42.30
Seat Capacity 5
Custom cars 2 projects
Engine 2.4L I-4
Safety Rating