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Acura NSX vehicles

NSX was born in 1990, with Honda creating it as an ideal sports coupe. NSX combines power, speed and grace. NSX takes advantage of the highest achievements of the automotive industry. Low streamlined silhouette is the perfect expression of the functional form, a sign of excellent driving.

Ayrton Senna, the world’s famous Formula 1 driver, who took part in the NSX tests, described the vehicle the following way: "When at a speed of 120 miles per hour, I strongly slammed on the brakes, the car stopped abruptly without any drift. What I like about NSX in the top level of interior’s decoration. That’s an exception for sports cars. Some of them are good for driving only a couple of days a week because of the noise, stiffness, and difficulties in driving. NSX is different".NSX combines the world's first all-aluminum body bearing, trip computer, security system, leather seats and much more.

NSX 2002 model underwent some changes of cosmetic and aerodynamic nature. These were necessary modifications to keep up with the rest of the world-class sports cars. A new front bumper and spoiler were installed. Opening headlights were replaced with fixed lights. Side air intakes, rear spoiler, lights and exhaust pipes were also modernized. In terms of the mechanical improvements the vehicle gained an increased rear stabilizer bar, stiffer front springs and a larger wheel radius to increase the dynamic performance. All these improvements have resulted in a lower drag coefficient and, accordingly, increased the maximum speed.

In 2004 the model underwent a few minor changes compared to its predecessor. They installed a sensor opening door system, as well as a 6-disc CD changer, which is located in the luggage compartment. These entire changes made Acura NSX model even closer to an ideal.


2021 Acura NSX

Photo 2021 Acura NSX
MSRP $157,500 Fuel Tank 15.6 gal Wheelbase 103.5 ”
MPG 21 city/22 hwy 0-60 mph 2.7 sec Clearance 3.80”
Engine 3.5L V-6 Curb 3878 lbs
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Acura NSX specs

0-60 times 2.7 sec
Curb weight 3878
MPG 21/22
Wheel Drive 950
Wheel Offset
Lug Nut Size M14 x 1.5
Leg Room 42.90
Seat Capacity 2
Custom cars 12 projects
Engine 3.5L V-6
Safety Rating