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2012 Toyota Tundra Wheel Offset Chart

What offset are original 2012 Toyota Tundra wheels? Some lists of specifications heavily relate to a auto model and also its running performance. Wheel offset is only a part of that bunch. There are three sorts of wheel offset: positive, zero, as well as negative. The stock offset of a 2012 Toyota Tundra traditionally falls under the positive kind. A positive wheel offset utterly stands for that the hub mounting surface is much closer to the middle of the wheel. As a result, the wheels protrude less than they ever would with a zero or negative offset. This delivers the auto a better aggressive visage. The negative offset appear to be the contrary, and moreover zero lands in between.

Can I use a custom made 2012 Toyota Tundra wheel offset? Some rational custom offsets are accessible for the 2012 Toyota Tundra. You can lower down the offset by purchasing a spacer, which pushes the wheel out additionally from the center. This is perfect if you want your pickup to have a new "stance" look. If you're trying to attain a bit more quality out of your truck, you can likewise choose a negative offset. This are going to pack the wheels closer to the centerline of the car, which can ensure a whole lot better controlling. You can possibly sometimes replace the stock wheels offset in 2012 Toyota Tundra by switching the breadth of your tires. A wider wheel will most likely have a increased positive offset, while a narrower wheel will likely have a more negative offset.

What's the excellent offset for my 2012 Toyota Tundra? It ultimately hinges on your peculiar pick and also what you intend to purpose your vehicle for. And even additionally on what your auto can cope with from the brand's viewpoint. You can make it more convenient by utilizing our special wheel offset chart to identify optimal pick for your 2012 Toyota Tundra Remember, that the bad offset can absolutely cause driving safety as well as effectiveness troubles.

Toyota Tundra bolt pattern

Toyota Tundra Wheel Offset

Shop for Tires at Tire Rack.
Stock wheel offset 18 to 50 mm
Try Wheel Spacers
Tundra Bolt Pattern PCD 5x150
See Adapters
Custom Offset Range -76 to 35 mm
Center bore (hub bore) 110.0 mm
Use Hub Centric Rings
Thread Diameter M14 x 1.5
Lug Nuts
Stock Rim Sizes Range 18x8.0 – 24x10.5
Custom rim sizes range 18x10.0 – 22x9.0
Custom Wheels

2012 Toyota Tundra Custom Wheel Offsets

Rim size Offset
20x9.0 1-35
18x8.0 -
18x9.0 25-25
20x10.0 -24--24
18x8.5 10-10
22x14.0 -76--76

2012 Toyota Tundra specs

Lug pattern PCD 5x150
Tire size 255/75 R17 - 305/35 R24
Custom Offset - 35 mm